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The entertaining of the masses

Many of us read and can relate to the webcomic xkcd. But, I guess I am not devoted enough to have noticed the comic from last springĀ  in which coordinates and a date were mentioned. Well, as the author of the comic wrote in his blog, “The date was in the future, the coordinates were a park in Cambridge.” That date happened to be about a week and a half ago. In a perfect example of the influence that a webcomic can have on the public, close to a thousand people faithfully arrived at the park on that date. As geeky as it sounds, I probably would have considered attending this event had I been aware of it. Hey, its not like I would have had to travel far. I find it particularly entertaining that almost 1500 photos have been posted to a special flickr group photo pool set up for the event.


The definition of cool (I mean deck)

A couple of friends and I having a running joke about hipsters. Earlier this evening my roommate decided to look up the definition of hipster on Urban Dictionary. The third definition is hilarious and well worth reading. I bet that from now on every time I walk by the Middle East in Central Square I will think of this definition.


As the first post to my newly located blog I thought I would create something very sophisticated and intellectual to share with you all..

I present me as a Simpsons character: