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Despite all my rage

Being a fan of a sports team is a funny thing. For some reason I have become a bigger fan of Cal football since leaving Berkeley than I was when I was a student there. Even more so than when I was in the Cal band. I’m definitely not the biggest sports fan in the world. And I am lacking in sports knowledge from the years of adolescence during which I actively disliked sports. But, this season started out with so much excitement. We beat Tennessee. We beat Oregon. We steadily rose in the rankings. During a bye week USC lost. Suddenly we were #2 in the nation! I felt so proud of Cal’s football team. Like they were children of mine. And then they lost. And I felt terrible. A couple days after the Oregon State game. I was able to gather myself together. Looking back on the game I tried to think of all the good things that happened. The freshman quarterback Riley who had to play because Longshore was injured played pretty well (despite the last play of the game). Hawkins had a great game. All hope of going to the national title game was not lost. And then we lost again. Oh the pain and suffering I experienced when I discovered this fact.

Fortunately, I didn’t actually watch the game yesterday. Instead I walked over to Boston to look at the tens of thousands of jack-o’-lanterns that were on display near city hall. I will post pictures soon. We then made our way over to the North End and after some searching found Pizzeria Regina which was awesome. The St. Anthony’s pizza was utterly fantastic.

Maybe I should just adopt my local Boston teams. The Red Sox, the Patriots, and Boston College’s football team are all doing quite well. Anyway, today I am working in solitude in the office, viciously trying to get some work done.


Football and all that jazz

I needed to take a break from writing up my Theory of Computation problem set, so I thought I would write about my awesome upcoming weekend plans. I’m flying out to Berkeley to visit AP. Its going to be great to see her and we have some super plans lined up. Since she is technically Berkeley staff now, she was able to get in on the free football tickets that the university gives out to staff members for one game each season. The number 6 ranked Golden Bears are going to destroy Arizona and I’m going to be there to watch it. Its funny how my interest in football is so highly correlated with how well Cal is doing.

That evening after the game, we are heading out to the city to see Medeski, Scofield, Martin, and Wood play at the Fillmore. My friend S got tickets for this show in June, so I have been anticipating this show for a while now. I’m really stoked about the show. I’ve seen MMW and Scofield, but never together. I’ve also never been to the Fillmore. So, should be awesome.

Sunday we might grab some thai brunch and/or go hiking or something. I’m looking forward to hitting all my old food joints in Berkeley and just spending time with AP. Between this weekend and last weekend with my Mom I’ve been busy but having a lot of fun.