Awareness of the tragedy in Myanmar

I just became aware of the situation in Burma/Myanmar through this post and if this report is accurate the situation is very grim. I have been pretty moved by what I have read about the situation so I thought I would share what I have read and learned. Below there is a list of news articles relating to the current situation in Myanmar. But first I want to mention a few things that I think are interesting.

Bloggers and the internet have played an important role in this situation as acknowledged by the military of Myanmar in their crack-down on bloggers and shut-down of the nations ISPs. However, apparently some bloggers have managed to continue to communicate.

Interestingly, Jim Carrey created a video several weeks ago to raise awareness of the situation of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Facebook has been a forum for individuals to show support. One group in particular has been joined by more than a quarter of a million people. Its not much, but if you are a member of facebook I encourage you to join this group. It seems like a good place to express yourself and find information. Another post about this group.

In an interesting use of technology, satellite images have been used to attempt to confirm reports of actions of the military of Myanmar.

Here is a list of other articles:


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