Two legends of the same name

My friend JRK is a bit of a scotch connoisseur. Several months ago, we were discussing this beverage and JRK mentioned that he had read several articles by a scotch critic named Michael Jackson. Of course, I remarked on what a funny name that was. But, JRK said, he happens to be a widely respected scotch critic.

Now, I myself happen to be more of a fan of beer. Not of the Anheuser-Busch variety, but more of the imperial IPA screaming hops variety. I noticed in a recent BeerAdvocate post that a beer critic named Michael Jackson had recently passed away. There couldn’t possibly be a scotch critic and a beer critic both named Michael Jackson, I thought. Sure enough, they are the same person. Furthermore, he turns out to have been pretty important in the revival of brewing culture in the US. I’m sorry I didn’t learn about him earlier, but I look forward to going back and reading his work. The BeerAdvocate post contains several good links to articles about Michael Jackson. Cheers!


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