Surfing Socially

I just spent some time using Browzmi this morning. I learned about it randomly last night from an ad in facebook. Its not often that an advertisement points me to something cool. If you haven’t heard about it, it is sort of a browser within your browser. Which in itself is not all that amazing. But, they are starting to add some interesting features. You can tag, like, dislike, and comment about sites. You can also establish a network of friends and chat with them within Browzmi. So, it seems to be aspiring to be a replacement for Digg,, facebook, googletalk, etc. all rolled into one site. The user interface is pretty good. My most immediate wishes were for the ability to have more than one website open at once (something like tabbed browsing) and the ability to move the chat windows around or at least minimize them. Travis Parsons from the Browzmi team chatted with me which was cool. But the chat itself was obscuring my ability to scroll in the website that I was viewing! I might just be used to google talk, but it would be cool if browzmi chats could be saved. I think integration with other web services like would encourage people to start using browzmi. At least the ability to import/export tags. I’m looking forward to seeing how this thing scales up. Currently accounts are by invitation only. Let me know if you want an invitation.


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  1. send me an invite