A Weekend in New York City

New York Summer

This past weekend my friend Rob and I hopped on a bus and made our way down to New York City. The weekend was full of adventures and good food. As my Mom pointed out, I was able to spend time with good friends from middle school, high school, college, and grad school all in the span of a couple days. Only in New York would all this not seem unlikely. Read more about it after the jump.

Friday afternoon, Rob and I made our way over to South Station and got in line for the Greyhound bus. We just barely made it on the bus that we wanted because the line was so long. The ride took about five hours because we hit some traffic. But, eventually we made it. It was great to be in the city. There is really no place like NYC that I have ever been to. My friend Ben and his roommate Todd let me crash at their place in Brooklyn. They took me to an awesome restaurant called Frankie’s. We ate outside in the ‘backyard’. The food was great. I highly recommend this place. After dinner, Ben and I ventured into Manhattan and met up with another friend Matt. We hit up a couple bars with some of his friends in the Lower East Side. I think they were Local 138 and Crime Scene. Both good spots to get drinks and hang out. Its ridiculous how late the bars stay open. I guess it helps that the subway runs 24 hours. The T in Boston really needs to run at least a couple hours later than it does. Or maybe its good that it doesn’t because I would probably end up staying out a lot later on a regular basis 🙂

On Saturday we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

We met up with some friends for dim sum in Chinatown. I can’t remember the name of the place (leave a comment if you can fill in this detail). It was really good though. I left feeling totally stuffed. After dim sum I met up with my friend Emily who also happened to be in New York. Emily, Matt, and I got some bubble tea. Afterward, Matt took us on a whirlwind tour up through SoHo, NoHo (is that a legitimate neighborhood name?), NYU, Washington Square Park, Union Square, and then around the East Village. It was awesome to see some parts of NYC that I had never seen before (or at least not in a long time). Emily and I hung out in the park in Union Square for a while. It was fun to be around so many people just enjoying a beautiful summer day.

That night I met up again with Ben. On my way to our meeting spot in the Financial District I stopped to check out the World Trade Center Site. There wasn’t really much to see. But, as I was standing there, I started to hear explosions in the distance. It was kind of odd, especially given where I was standing. But, then I noticed reflections of fireworks on the tall buildings surrounding me. I have no idea what the show was a celebration of, but it was kind of neat.

Ben showed me the building where he works which is very impressive. We then ate some really tasty pizza at Adrienne’s Pizza Bar. The next morning we went back to Frankie’s for brunch. Apparently they are only going to serve brunch for another couple of weeks. I’m glad I made it there when I did because it was a great spot to have brunch.

Later in the day on Sunday, Rob and I met up again to get on the bus. We got to port authority about half and hour before the bus that we wanted to take. We figured that would be about enough time. Much to our chagrin, there must have been something like 300 people waiting for the bus back to Boston. We ended up waiting over an hour and a half before we were able to get on a bus. I can’t really complain, however, since it was only $30 round-trip.

Anyway, those were some of the highlights of my weekend. Overall it was awesome to spend time with a bunch of really good friends in such a crazy city. Click on either of the pictures in this post to see more pictures from the trip.


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