Gowns and Big Wheels

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to write an update about the trip because we spent pretty much the whole day in Oxford. We saw a ton of stuff. In the morning we got a good start and made it to Paddington Station a little after 9. We ate some breakfast and hopped on a train that got us to Oxford by 10:40ish. Dad’s comment at the end of the day, and I agree, was that Oxford lived up to his expectation of how it would look. We walked among colleges and churches and museums that are hundreds of years old. The oldest of the colleges dates back to th 13th century, or possibly even earlier I’m not sure.

We first went inside the museum of the history of science. It is packed full of old microscopes and navigational devices. It was interesting to quickly look over these things because of how old some of these things are. The most interesting things to me were a collection of early calculating machines and some old equipment for producing penicillin. They also have a small piece of chalkboard that Einstein wrote on when he gave a lecture at Oxford.

After the museum we went for lunch at an old pub that claims to date back to the 13th century. For several reasons, this was one of my favorite meals of the trip. First of all, the pub claims to have had several famous regulars over the years including Bill Clinton when he studied at Oxford. When we first walked in, I was presented with an array of tantalizing beer options. The bartender offered to let me try a couple which I did. They were both pretty tasty, but I ended up getting a pint of a third ale that the bartender recommended. It was a great light-amber ale with significant hoppiness. The pub experience was rounded out with grilled chicken baked with camembert in tomato sauce.

After the pub, we visited the natural history museum. We were quite entertained by the stuffed animals and skeletons all packed into a ornate victorian metal farmed building. In the afternoon, we had a short window in which we would be able to visit one of the most famous of the Oxford colleges Christ Church College. We saw the hall which was used in the filming of the Harry Potter movies. After walking around Oxford a bit more, we had some tea and then grabbed a train back to London.


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