Big Wheels

To explain the “Big Wheels” part of the title of the last post, this morning Dad and I walked over to the other side of the river to check out the London Eye. The crowds were a bit insane, but we managed to get tickets and get through the line. The ride itself was pretty cool. I rode the Eye a couple years ago, but it was definitely worth doing again. The view of the city, particularly Westminster Abbey and The Parliament Building is spectacular. I wish the capsules weren’t completely enclosed in glass though because I think most of my photos have some glare from the glass in them.

After the Eye, Dad and I ate sandwiches at a French cafe. We also split an awesome piece of white chocolate cake. With the cake I had the only decent cup of coffee this whole trip. For the most part I haven’t even tried to drink coffee on this trip because the tea is so good and the coffee is generally so crappy.

After lunch Dad and I split up for a while. We were near Trafalgar Square, so I decided to check out the National Portrait Gallery. It was worth seeing (especially since its free). But, if I hadn’t limited the amount of time that I spent on each portrait I probably would have gone crazy. Since the Gallery, I have just been sort of wandering around Covent Garden.


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