Across the Irish Sea

When I left off yesterday, I had just finished drinking a beer. Dad and I met up again and we decided to grab some tea and sweets. We walked by a place called the Queen of Tarts that had been recommended, but it was packed. We kept walking and found a calmer cafe outside of the Temple Bar area. We both got tea and ice cream. After knew that we wouldn’t be hungry for dinner for a while. There weren’t really any more sights that we wanted to see, so we decided to check out the movie offerings at the local CineMovie. We were disappointed to find that they weren’t showing “Once” which would have been appropriate given that we were in Dublin. Instead, we decided to see Spiderman 3. The movie was enjoyable. Overall, we both had a good time doing something “normal” after a few days of intense tourism.

This morning we woke up fairly early and made our way over to the Dublin Airport. The flight to London was a piece of cake. Like flying from Berkeley to LA. It was exciting taking the tube into Covent Garden. Dublin is a fairly urban city, but London is on a whole different scale. It is such a great city. Bustling with fashionably dressed people. It is awesome to walk among endless blocks of huge old buildings.

We haven’t had time to do much here yet, but my enthusiasm for travel has been rejuvenated.


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