Irish Culture: New and Old

Last night, Dad and I ate a pizza at an Italian restaurant in Temple Bar. Not very Irish, but it was tasty. After that we got a taste of Irish pub culture. The Temple Bar neighborhood itself was pretty crazy. People were wasted and getting kicked out of bars before it was even dark out (not quite as bad as it sounds since it was light until about 11 PM last night). But still intense to see while walking around. We wanted to catch some Irish music and we finally found a pub that wasn’t too crazy and had some live music. It was a lot of fun to drink a Guinness and listen to Irish music in an Irish pub. The band was very good and the people in the pub were for the most part focused on the music.

This morning we got up pretty early and had breakfast in the hotel. We realized that it was early enough that we would be able to catch a bus out to Newgrange that we had heard about. We half walked, half jogged to the pick up spot which was across the river. We just barely made it and grabbed the last two seats in what turned out to be more of a van than a bus. It was a great experience though. We made it out there before most of the crowds and saw two burial mounds: Newgrange and another one called Knowth. Knowth was cool because there were less people there and a very knowledgeable guide described the known history of the place while we walked around. We were able to go on top of the mound to see a great view of the Boyne Valley. Newgrange was also an amazing experience because we were able to go inside the passage. The mounds are amazing feat of engineering considering they predate Stonehenge and the Pyramids.

From Europe Trip 2007

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