Cathedrals and Bog Men

After getting some much need sleep, Dad and I ate the Traditional Irish Breakfast at our hotel. It mostly consisted of standard breakfast fare, except the “black and white pudding”. I’m not sure exactly what that was made of, I think blood and certain types of internal organs that I don’t normally eat. Part of the cultural experience I guess.

We walked around the Dublin castle a bit, and then went to the Chester Beatty Museum. They have a really incredible collection of religious texts and artifacts. Most impressive are the christian papyri from around 200 AD. They would be amazingly clear to read, if I knew Greek.

Then we hit Christ Church Cathedral. It claims to be Ireland’s cathedral. It was quite nice, although I’m still a bit jaded after all of the churches that Allison and I saw on our trip last summer. I’m hard to impress when it comes to churches. The coolest part was a bridge that connects two buildings over a road. I will try to post pictures soon.

Next we saw St. Patrick’s cathedral, which is also Ireland’s cathedral in a sense because I think it is the main catholic cathedral in Dublin. I need to read up on the history of these two churches. This church is neat, a bit more decorated than Christ Church Cathedral. Johnathan Swift was the Dean for a while.

After the churches we made our way over to the National Museum of Archaeology. They have a special exhibit on the various “bog men” that have been found in Ireland and other European countries. Somewhat intense to see, but also really interesting. Kind of like an ancient Body Worlds exhibit. the museum also has lots of Celtic and Viking artifacts.

So, today was a productive day of sight-seeing.


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